what to wear


Clothes tend to swallow newborns, so it’s best to keep the baby in just a diaper.  (We can also get some sweet naked baby shots.)  Any cute hats or diaper covers, booties, or monogrammed blankets can really add special details to the images.  Also, mom and dad, make sure to bring along a black shirt for yourself for those beautiful black and white shots of you holding the baby.

Babies and Children

While neutrals are great, colors are perfectly fine and can actually make the images more interesting.  Even accents of bright bold colors can really make an image pop.  bold patterns.  These tend to detract from the eyes and face.


Follow the advice above, but also make sure to choose clothing that is comfortable and that you think you look good in!  If you don’t think your arms look good in that particular top, you won’t think they look good in the pictures either!

Families and Group Shots

It’s a good idea to coordinate clothing somewhat, but there is no need to be too “matchy-matchy”.  For instance, you could all wear similar colors, but you don’t all have to wear jeans and black tops.  Here is a GREAT website to get some inspiration:  www.whattowearguides.com.


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