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The BEST time for newborn sessions are during the first two weeks of life.  Babies this age still sleep most of the day, so they are easy to pose and work with.  Also, their skin is still very smooth and creamy.  Please tentatively schedule your session before your baby arrives.  The session will take place in your own home so mama and baby are comfortable.  I will bring a few baskets, blankets, and swaddling blankets, and you are welcome to supply any of your own props.  Just remember, simple is best.


Babies are easiest to photograph when they are sitting up and smiling, but not yet crawling.  And then again when they are beginning to walk.  Of course I will take photos of babies at any age, but these two milestones provide the best images.  The session can take place at your home or at an outdoor location.  Things to consider:  Bring a change of clothes, lovey or comfort toy, and snacks!  For babies turning one, you can bring a small cake or cupcake and capture that first “cake smashing” on film!


Sessions with children will be FUN!  There should be a lot of running around, giggling, and genuine smiles.  It might be a good idea to bring a change of clothes especially for outdoor shoots.  Any special toys or props that you would like to include are welcome.  Oh, and I am not opposed to bribes!  (Mini-marshmallows are a great treat.)


Again these sessions will be fun and playful!  I want you and your family to be yourselves and feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Sure, we will do some posed “portrait-style” shots, but I will also capture some candid shots of you all interacting with one another and just having fun.


These are such sweet times of life, and photos from these times are priceless.  The shoots will be outside, weather permitting, at a location of your choice or mine.  For maternity shoots, I will take some photos of just mama, and of mama and daddy and siblings together.  If you have anything you want to include like an untrasound picture, baby booties, or anything with the baby’s name on it, please bring it along.  And my goal at engagement shoots is to capture the two of you being yourselves and being in LOVE!

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