the flower girl who almost wasn’t…

My sweet daughter has many traits that will serve her well in life (and get her in trouble from time to time), and one of those is being strong-willed!  She is also shy, very attached to me, and doesn’t like big crowds.  So when my friend asked me if she would be the flower girl in her wedding, I was so honored, but… a little scared she wouldn’t make it down the aisle!

grace_flower_girl-10She was SO excited about the wedding and the beautiful bride, but pretty much everything was a bit of a battle – from putting on her dress, getting the flowers in her hair (she said she wanted to wear her yellow “Happy Birthday, Dora” crown), taking pictures, and actually making it down the aisle!  She hates being the center of attention, so she was not up for everyone looking at her while the photographer was trying to get some shots of her.  SO… I pulled out all my tricks… games, bribery – anything to get her a few feet away from me with a pleasant expression on her face.  🙂  I’m so glad I had my camera and was able to get these.


  I love the look on her face in these… It’s like she cannot believe she is standing next to this beautiful princess!

grace_flower_girl-48grace_flower_girl-47grace_flower_girl-41She finally complied and decided she would walk down the aisle if big brother went with her.  These next photos might be my favorite of all time.  Her face just lit up when he arrived.  Anyway, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.  🙂  I love the relationship between these two…

grace_flower_girl-37grace_flower_girl-33grace_flower_girl-32grace_flower_girl-31grace_flower_girl-40grace_flower_girl-39And to prove I actually exist… 🙂


In case you’re wondering… they made it down the aisle!  Barely.  The flower girl took a spill on the stairs right outside of the sanctuary moments before they were supposed to walk in, bumped her chin and started screaming.  But she pulled it together and it was such a joy to see my two babies helping each other walk down the aisle… with big old grins on their faces.  🙂

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