Mine at the Beach

Let me just say… my children are about the hardest to get good photos of.  I don’t know if it’s because they are so used to (or tired of) having a camera in their faces, or because it’s me behind the camera, or because of their ages, but let’s just say that they are not the most cooperative.  I usually get the backs of their heads (because they are running or crawling away) or grumpy expressions.  So I really cherish the images I have of them that show their true personalities and genuine smiles and expressions!  The photos here are from two different photo shoots… it took two attempts to get these images.  The first shoot pretty much started and ended with meltdowns, but thankfully the second went much better thanks to my sweet mother-in-law-assistant and her bribes of marshmallows.  🙂  I just love these pictures of my sweet babies on the beach.  Oh, how we love the beach!  Not to mention the lighting and backdrop is a photographer’s dream.  🙂  I know I will cherish these images for many years to come.  The hard work is always worth it!

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